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Every man used to dream of being a rock star


Long-haired, half-nakedly jumping on a gigantic stage, tight-leathered pants, buckled-strap boots, 50-thousand fans screaming for him running under bright lights and follow spots.

Spreading charisma through the stare, hypnotising people through harsh voice, striking thunder through loud sounds of guitar, voicing out love through manly music but mellow lyrics, banging on chicks on tour, staying up late and sleeping the whole day after concerts.

Now look how far you’ve become. It turns out that life has put you in different Situation.

Hair starts leaving you, you’re likely to get cold being half-naked, you’re still wearing those baggy jeans for a fact they give you comfort, your shoes look tired and worn-out protecting your feet for years.

Wrinkles don’t lie, voice turns low, staying up late will cause you sleep-deprivation that leads to inability to concentrate, your breath sounds like you just did a triathlon, you can’t memorise the lyrics of a song you sing, so you have to start from the scratch again to keep singing.

As the year passes by, you keep losing friends and loneliness is the biggest company. Chicks no longer see you an attractive magnet since all the money has gone dry to pay for lives.

However, above all, you’re a hero of your own family, a rock star of your own legacy. You stand tall banging those life problems alone, all by yourself.

You wake up early at dawn, hit the bumper-to-bumper traffic, return home right when darkness rises, to do something a true rock star does, making ends meet.

What is a dream for when reality is much more interesting, challenging and lively in a man’s life? Your presence is worth a diamond more than your fantasy.

Why do you have to keep dreaming when you know that staying awake gives you an opportunity to enjoy how precious this life is?

In the stage of reality called life, you are a true rock star, a captain of your own ship called family, an apple of your beautiful daughter’s eye, a true romance of your own angelic-look wife, an-end-of-tunnel light to kiss away the dark.

Most importantly, you are a rock star of your own life

You are the life of many lives

Rock on!

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