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Believe in yourself


Many times people will try to tear down what you’re trying to build

There are times when they question on what you’ve passionately been doing

It’s simply because

They don’t see what you value

They don’t understand what importance of what you think is important

They don’t feel as much burden as you carry up in your shoulder

They’re too reluctant to take the risks as you do

They don’t know how it feels to be you

They’re just not you

Not only will these things frustrate but they will also discourage you.

All you have to do is convince yourself that when no one listens to you, listen to yourself.

That when no one stands beside you, stand up for what you think is worth fighting for

Because you’re like a bird who’s standing on a branch

A bird standing on a branch should never be afraid that the branch would be breaking

Because its trust is not in the branch

But in its own wings.

Believe in yourself!

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